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We are looking for young blood aspired to leave their footmarks on the ever-growing land of Internet, and ready to plunge themselves into the sea of learning to reach its shores.

Although a rigorous training is provided to selected candidates, deep interest in Web Technologies combined with good IQ will increase your chances of being selected. Along-with standard salary and regular perks, we offer an invaluable gift of mentorship by industry Gurus.

Department: Sales - Level: Senior

We are looking for experienced Sales resources having over 3-year experience of selling services and solutions to commercial and industrial sectors. Selected candidate will be responsible for nurturing business leads and selling surveillance, tracking and security solutions to local market.

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Department: Sales - Level: Intermediate

Although a new sales method in Pakistan, Inside Sales is growing Worldwide with a pace of 15 times faster than Outside or face-to-face sales.

We're looking for intermediate-level candidates with proven English language skills and a desire to build their career in Sales. We will provide on-the-job training and an opportunity to deal with International customers.

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Department: Engineering - Level: Intermediate

Programming is a combination of art and science that enables you to convert your ideas into operational software. Learning command-syntax of a particular language is NOT an important aspect of it.

We need intermediate-level resources with hands-on experience of ANY modern structured or object-oriented language. Selected candidates will be responsible for building secure and scalable code engines behind awesome web applications.

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Department: Content - Level: Intermediate

Without any doubt, content is the most important part of any creative, be it a web page or any other marketing message. Encapsulated in beautiful design, a well-written content can convey your intended message to desired recipient.

We are looking for resources with good English writing skills and zeal of expressing their ideas beautifully in concise and captivating way. Selected candidates will be responsible for writing content on variety of topics suitable for international readers.

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Department: Content - Level: Beginner

We are looking for fresh and beginner resources with deep interest in Web Technologies combined with good IQ level, who are able to synthesize various pieces of puzzle into a coherent whole. Complete on-the-job training will be provided to selected candidates, and they will be responsible for data collection, processing and propagation on various channels of Internet.

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